B2B Lead Generation

How did your sales lead generation strategy fare in 2018? Did leads you acquired justify your marketing spend? Did the lead generation tools you use prove their worth from an ROI perspective?

If the answer is yes to the above questions, well done! However, the secret to any high performing inbound marketing strategy rests with constant adaptability. What worked yesterday won’t necessarily work tomorrow. For this reason, we’ve detailed five B2B lead generation tips which all marketers would be wise to follow in 2019.

1. Improve B2B Lead Generation by Revitalizing Your Landing Pages

Landing Page

Landing pages and call to action pages are the most important lead generation tools in your marketing arsenal. That said, when your lead generation strategy is performing well, they are also the easiest to overlook.

If your current lead generation strategy is working, it won’t make sense to completely redesign your landing and call to action pages on a whim. However, in 2019, some tweaking should be considered top priority.

  • Are your landing and call to action pages GDPR compliant? If not, it is essential to act now to meet compliance goals asap
  • Do your landing pages feature dated content such as mentions of the year 2018? If so, go through content with a fine tooth comb to make cornerstone content relevant for the year 2019
  • Check websites for cross-browser compatibility and responsiveness


If you use WordPress, your landing and CTA pages might seem just as snappy as they did yesterday. However, WordPress received a significant update in 2018. Specifically, one which has since broken the responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility of thousands of websites worldwide. This being the case, make sure your leads are seeing what you see on your site, by carrying out a thorough SEO audit.

2. Review Your Choice of CRM Platform


Customer relationship management software is key to any modern B2B lead generation strategy. However, it’s easy for CRM platforms to lose relevancy as competing platforms embrace new technologies.

At its most basic level, the CRM platform you use in 2019 should feature:

  • Full GDPR compliance. (Especially where storage of consumer data is concerned)
  • The ability to collate data from disparate sources for faster and more effective analysis
  • Lead management tools which distinguish high-quality leads from low-quality leads

3. Breathe More Life into Marketing Using Customer Personas

Buyer Personas

Do you know who your target customer is? Do the lead generation tools you use allow you to discover their interests, likes, and dislikes?

Customer personas are fictional brand personalities which businesses use to foster more meaningful consumer interactions. To develop highly converting personas, the lead generation tools you use in 2019 should allow you to mirror your target audiences’ interests. Specifically, by targeting different groups with custom curated content and tailor-made messaging.

4. Re-inventing Your Marketing Channels

Marketing Channels

It is no secret that the social media landscape is changing. Facebook and Twitter have long been go-to platforms for effective B2B lead generation. However, different consumer demographics are increasingly moving away from legacy platforms.

Many younger demographics now spend more time on Whatsapp, Snapchat and Telegram, than they do Facebook. This being the case, make sure to find a way to discover what platforms are in vogue with your audience.

5. Use Survey Funnels to Turbocharge Sales Leads


The traditional sales funnel is dead. Modern consumers know how to identify funnels. This increases landing page bounce rates and is detrimental to even the most carefully crafted sales lead generation strategy. The good news, though, is that there is a solution.

Survey funnels are a niche (and relatively new) tool which brands can use to keep consumers engaged by answering short multiple-choice questions. As a bonus, the answers can help brands discover details about consumers, which can later be used to craft highly converting customer personas.

In Summary

2019 looks set to be a challenging year for B2B marketers. Chinese whispers of a possible recession are circulating. Meanwhile, stricter data privacy laws are shaking up the lead generation landscape.

Given the above, it is imperative that brands audit things like their GDPR compliance in 2019. Once this is done, all that remains is to keep on targeting consumers by making interactions feel as personal and as genuinely rewarding as possible.


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