Lead Generation

Lead generation marketing is continuously evolving. Patterns of consumer behaviour change as consumers react to new online trends and changes in the social media landscape. To secure your sales pipeline you, therefore, need to use lead generation tools which are always one step ahead of your competition.

Below, we’ve detailed a countdown of what we consider the 4 most important lead generation tools which brands and marketing agencies should consider using in 2019.

4. Turnstile by Wistia

55% of people consume online video content on a daily basis. Video has, therefore, become phenomenally effective as a marketing medium. There is just one problem. Namely, it can be challenging to get consumers of video content to click and follow leads to landing pages and contact forms.

To turbocharge the effectiveness of video in lead generation marketing, Turnstile by Wistia, allows users to include opt-in forms in videos. Forms can appear at any point during the duration of a video. More importantly, consumers of video media can opt-in using forms, without having to follow separate links to landing pages.

Organic traffic

3. LinkedIn & Quora

As social media platforms, LinkedIn and Quora aren’t lead generation tools in the strictest sense. However, syndicating marketing content via LinkedIn increasingly generates more organic traffic to business landing pages.

LinkedIn and Quora also help brands establish themselves as trusted authorities in their area of expertise. Specifically, by allowing brands to answer consumer questions and syndicate content which reaches relevant consumers.


2. Growbots

By now almost everyone is familiar with customer service chatbots. However, what if chatbots could also be used to send personalised direct emails and follow-up responses to contacts in your database?

With Growbots, users configure email marketing campaigns, before almost fully automating lead generation using AI built into the Growbots platform. Users also benefit from access to an extensive database of contacts provided by the Growbots platform itself.

1. LeadLabs Sales Funnel Builder

As one of the most fully featured lead generation tools of 2019, the LeadLabs Sale Funnel Builder is a fully featured SaaS platform. With Lead Labs, businesses can build high ROI landing pages and sales funnels quickly and easily.

Just some of the features offered by Lead Labs include:

  • Ready to deploy landing pages and sales funnels, which are easily customizable to any business niche
  • Survey-based sales funnels which inspire meaningful interactions between site visitors and content
  • Secure lead capture and GDPR compliant storage of collected user data


However, LeadLabs is also one of the only lead generation tools in 2019 which is fully GDPR compliant. Startups and marketing agencies can, therefore, use LeadLabs to generate high-quality leads; without having to worry about data security, validation of user consent to be contacted, or correct cleansing of data after GDPR subject access requests.


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