Has your marketing team run out of new lead generation ideas? If so, it’s not their fault. 63% of online marketers say that generating leads is the hardest part of what they do. When GDPR was introduced in 2018, it imposed strict new regulations on how personal information like email addresses can be collected, shared, and used by online marketers.

Thankfully, lead generation is still possible post-GDPR. Here, we’ll look at five lead generation tools and tips which marketers should consider implementing in 2019.

1. Consider Creating More Landing Pages

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The importance of having a killer landing page in 2019 can’t be underestimated. Stylishly designed and search engine optimised landing pages put businesses in front of potential leads and encourage new email signups. However, if you focus solely on optimising a single landing page, you might be missing out.

According to Hubspot, surveyed businesses increase lead generation rates by 55% when using between 10 and 15 different landing pages. Moreover, having more landing pages can also result in more conversion opportunities.

2. Are Your Contact Forms Mobile Friendly?

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Landing pages are useful lead generation tools, precisely because they help companies start collecting all-important consumer contact details. There is just one question – how easy do you make it for people to complete all-important contact forms?

If you use WordPress to design landing pages, you probably use the popular Contact Form 7 plugin to add contact forms to sites. However, plugins like Contact Form 7 are script heavy and often slow to inject themselves into web pages. This is especially true when pages load on mobile devices.

As of 2019, over 50% of web users predominantly use mobile devices to go online. For this reason, it is imperative that contact forms are snappy and fast loading when loaded in mobile browsers.

3. Create Better Converting Emails

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Did you know that 56% of companies which use emojis in email subject lines, experience higher read rates, and future interactions?

Email marketing is occasionally called out as losing traction to social media. However, 59% of B2B marketing experts still cite email as one of their most effective marketing channels. All that marketers need to focus on is the curation of engaging content and clickbait email subject lines.

4. Use Social Media as one of Your Chief Lead Generation Tools

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Did you know that 82% of social media leads are acquired from Twitter?

If you are stuck for lead generation ideas, it is definitely time to revamp your social media marketing strategy. On average, businesses see revenue increase by 24% when they use social media to generate new leads. However, social media doesn’t work like magic. Time needs to be spent curating catchy and (preferably) personalized content, which gives target audiences an incentive to take action.

5. Search Engine Optimise Everything

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Search engine optimisation is often overlooked when discussing lead generation techniques. However, SEO is of vital importance to online marketers.

The higher landing pages appear in searches, the more visits, clicks, and leads you are likely to generate. For this reason, it is essential to optimise all content you syndicate via your blog and social media pages. Moreover, when in doubt, never be afraid to invest in a full SEO audit of websites and sales funnels.


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