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Enhanced Security & GDPR Compliance

Protect and encrypt your data ensuring your leads remain secure and confidential. Gain access to the tools and knowledge required to allow your business to be GDPR compliant. Prepare for the introduction of GDPR regulations, with the tools and knowledge to make compliance easy.

AES-256 standard encryption

Your data is encrypted throughout our entire platform, using the leading standard AES-256 encryption algorithm. When in transit, TLS ensures complete security throughout.

Comprehensive change logs

Keep clear records of your team’s access to the platform, providing you with comprehensive change logs and easy to manage access controls to ensure transparency and accurate records.

Intrustion detection

Our Network Intrusion Detection System gives your data a level of protection beyond the industry standard. Company administrators are alerted when a user attempts to extract or export data from their team’s account.

Automated Lead Management

Deliver leads direct to your buyers. Manage numerous lead delivery automations simultaneously. We support multiple delivery methods including manually exporting your data in a range of formats.

Automated delivery

Don’t let leads stagnate unused and unsold, our automated buyers functionality allows you to deliver leads as soon as they are generated without lifting a finger.

Unique filters

A vast range of filters and options enable your leads to be sorted and categorised down to the finest detail. Define the criteria your leads must meet, or create your own advanced filters to meet your requirements.

Customised delivery models

Set the prefered delivery method, schedule and payout per buyer to create unlimited, personalised delivery models allowing your buyer to receive leads how they want, whenever they want.

Intuitive Website Builder

Create high performing, responsive landing pages in our easy to use integrated website builder. Take advantage of our library of popular templates or start from scratch with no coding required.

Uncompromised design

Don’t compromise your conversion rates with inferior design, our website builder gives you complete control over the look and function of your website, from single landing pages to complex multi-page flows.

No coding required

Convenient drag and drop widgets and step-by-step guides allow you to create the flows you need even if you’ve never built a website before.

Collect advanced data

Maximise lead profitability with our Additional Data Tiles feature, enabling you to collect added value data from your traffic uniquely tuned to your buyers individual requirements.

In-depth Reporting

Analyse real-time statistics about your campaign performance with the ability to monitor everything from the smallest validation details to your largest campaign outputs. Keep track of your suppliers and buyers with clear and easy to understand reports.

Real-time reports

Review how your live campaigns are converting in real-time allowing you to quickly react to any issues immediately.

Simple personalisation

Customise your reports to prioritise information most relevant to your business model, focus on individual campaigns, suppliers, buyers, or get a wider overview.

Overview dashboard

Our dashboard enables you clearly visualise your reports in an easy to understand format for your clients and colleagues.

Comprehensive Validation

Ensure that when you receive a new lead the data is genuine and verified. Using our validation suite you can guarantee the traffic you buy and the leads you sell makes your business profitable.

Fraudulent data detection

Use intelligent algorithms to accept or reject invalid or fraudulent data, ensuring you receive the highest quality leads.

Custom filters

Bespoke validation criteria per campaign to meet your various requirements with the ability to tighten or relax requirements whenever you need to.

Competitive pricing

We understand the importance of validating the data you receive, our wide range of in-house validation methods are competitively priced, enabling you to verify large quantities data. Explore our validation pricing.

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