email marketing

Do you have an email address? Of course you do! Over 2.5 billion people worldwide have an email address and in the UK over 80% of people check their emails at least once per day! This means with an effective email marketing strategy you have a great way to get your marketing message into people’s inbox and turn potential customers into real customers.

Below are 5 simple reasons why you should be doing email for your small business.

1. CostEffective

Get yourself set up with a nice template and after that it is cheap and easy for you to take control of the content and schedule in the send times with no need to outsource.

2. Measurable

Each campaign can be measured and tracked in real time. Analyse open rates, bounces, website click throughs, forwards and unsubscribes. Additionally, Google Analytics tracking can be enabled to measure the conversions and sales deriving from your campaign. With all this data you can optimise and easily increase your email marketing ROI.

3. Speed

Reach your customers in just hours giving you the chance to react quickly to a market event or news!

4. Segmentation

Depending on how your list is organised, you can send a focused email marketing campaign to a specific segment of your database. This ensures your message goes to the most relevant audience.

5. Your competitors may not be doing it

Since GDPR legislation came in, many small businesses have shied away from email marketing for fear and lack of understanding of how to manage their email marketing process. How to collect data, store data and the unsubscribe process can seem complicated and many small business (including your competitors) are abandoning their email marketing strategy completely.

And herein is your competitive advantage – Leadlabs can help you get up and running with your business email strategy and what’s more, you can take advantage with a 14 day free trial!

LeadLabs has been built from the ground up following cutting edge Privacy by Design principles, from how the sites are hosted and the data is captured, to the way the data is stored and passed on, to how you account for data protection when asked. You can be confident that your data and collection methods are safe.

So what are you waiting for? Start your trial today and unlock the power of email.


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