10 tips for new sales lead generation

Stuck for new sales lead generation ideas? If so, you are not alone. Social media trends and real-world patterns of consumer behaviour change on an almost daily basis. It can also feel impossible sometimes, to keep up to speed with the latest digital marketing trends. There is good news, though.

Contrary to what you might have heard, time tested lead generation techniques like blogging, are still useful in 2019. Below, we’ve compiled a list of 10 lead generation ideas which any startup or SME can implement with relative ease.

1. Blog as Regularly as Possible

Did social media kill the blogosphere? Most social media managers will answer this question with a triumphant, “yes.” After all, no one reads blogs anymore. Instead, consumers prefer to be impressed by Instagram stories and exclusive SnapChat promotions. According to Hubspot, though, this analysis isn’t strictly accurate.

In a survey of 13,500+ HubSpot users, HubSpot has discovered that businesses which blog eleven times each month can double the number of leads they acquire over the same period. Blogging is far from a sales lead generation dead end. All that businesses need to do is focus on quality and quantity in equal measure.

2. Social Media Marketing

use social media as a lead generation tool

As far as lead generation ideas go, social media marketing is nothing new. Over 50% of SMEs say that social media as a primary tool in their overall marketing arsenal. However, social media marketing involves more than just posting occasional Facebook updates. As well as regular posting of links to new blog content, startups should also create a comprehensive social media action plan.

  • Businesses should routinely audit social media platforms to see which platforms currently generate the most leads.
  • Companies should continuously attempt to identify what new and/or alternative social media platforms their target audience might be using.
  • All businesses should invest time each month researching what kind of content their target audience feels most enthused by.

3. Email Marketing

Like blogging and social media marketing, email marketing is just as relevant in 2019 as it has ever been. Over 93% of B2B marketers cite email as one of their most effective marketing tools. One thing to keep in mind is that anyone receiving marketing emails must expressly opt-in to receiving communications.

New EU GDPR legislation prohibits startups and SMEs from sending unsolicited email communications. Thankfully, automated lead generation platforms like those offered by Lead Labs, make it easy to secure user consent beforehand.

4. Use Client Testimonials as Effective Lead Generation Tools

Client testimonials have been used to generate sales leads since the pre-Internet marketing era. However, this doesn’t make them any less effective here in 2019. That said, written testimonials have been superseded in recent years, by much more engaging video testimonials.

  • Consider inviting former happy customers to participate in the filming of video testimonials.
  • Video testimonials can be filmed remotely via webcam or in a more professional studio setting.
  • As well as being featured on landing pages, video testimonials can be uploaded to YouTube, independent review sites, and company social profiles.

5. Generate Sales Leads Using YouTube

increase sales lead generation with youtube

Did you know that YouTube currently ranks as the world’s third most significant search engine?

As far as lead generation ideas go, video marketing is nothing new. Over 63% of businesses already incorporate video in landing page designs. However, only a small percentage also optimize video descriptions, titles, and tags, for discovery on video sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and DTube.

6. Announce Impossible to Resist Deals & Exclusive Special Offers

In real-world retail, special offers and last-minute discounts are instrumental in driving sales and word of mouth recommendations. Online, consumers are often wary of promotions which don’t seem to offer real value.

One way to run promotions more effectively in 2019, can be to pair discounts and special offers with social media marketing campaigns. Making special offers available exclusively to new email subscribers can also help SMEs expand the reach of upcoming email marketing campaigns.

7. Focus on Consumer Lifecycles

Sales lead generation can be both time and resource intensive. For this reason, many SMEs attempt to retain leads long after they have initially converted.

Follow-up courtesy calls and emails after making a sale can improve senses of customer satisfaction. Confirming the likes of newsletter subscriptions with leads who have already converted, can also make leads more likely to convert again in future.

8. Reward Customers for Referrals

generate new leads from customer referrals

As part of improved customer lifecycle management, startups and SMEs can also consider rewarding past customers for new client referrals.

9. Create a Lead Magnet to Complement Your Sales Funnel

As every marketer knows, user drop-offs occur at every stage of every sales funnel. Some even estimate that 98% of potential leads are lost within seconds of initial landing page visits. The good news though, is that there is a way to claw back lost leads.

At its most basic, a lead magnet is a free to download booklet or prospectus which website visitors can refer back to after leaving landing pages. Lead magnets are also incredibly versatile.

On e-commerce websites, lead magnets can take the form of product brochures. Alternatively, service-based businesses can create lead magnets which serve as free how-to guides, complete with portfolio samples, FAQs, and details of past company accomplishments.

10. Consider Working With Leading Industry Influencers

So far in our rundown of lead generation ideas, we have detailed lead generation tips which require little (if any) additional marketing investment. With this in mind, collaborating with social media influencers is far from free. However, 67% of SMEs who do work with social media influencers, report being able to acquire more leads as a result.

For influencer-based sales lead generation to be successful, businesses need to be careful when selecting an influencer to work with. Influencer marketing should also only be attempted by SMEs who already have tools deployed on social media capable of capturing new leads.


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