10 of the best landing pages

The right landing page can see your brand achieve phenomenal sales success. By comparison, an ugly landing page will convert poorly. Sadly, cognitive bias can see startups and SMEs think they have a first-rate lead capture page. In reality, pages can look ill-planned, visually lacklustre, and altogether off-putting to potential leads.

10 of 2019’s Best Landing Pages for Capturing Leads

Are your landing pages lagging behind those of your competitors? Looking at the lead capture pages of your competitors can help identify where there might be room for improvement. Here, we’ll look at 10 of the best landing pages currently online in 2019.

1. Mixergy.com

Do you know what separates top startup founders from new SMEs which fail? Apparently, Mixergy does. Furthermore, Mixergy gives new entrepreneurs direct access to learning materials curated by top startup founders. Mixergy’s sales funnel also shows that they are ahead of the game when it comes to acquiring new leads.

Why Mixergy Stands Out

Mixergy’s landing page is a standalone sales machine. At the top of the page, new leads are presented with two highly visual calls to action. These are complemented by a catchy, straight to the point sales copy, and images of top startup founders featured in Mixergy course content.

Traffic to Mixergy is generated by precision SEO, organic social media referrals, and the Mixergy blog. To capture leads, each Mixergy blog post makes it clear that consumers stand to learn more by signing up for full access. This results in several skillfully placed CTAs, each of which features risk-free guarantee concerning the quality of course content.

2. CrazyEgg.com

An example of the Crazy Egg landing page

Crazy Egg is an online website optimizer. Using Crazy Egg, users can identify what aspects of their site need improvement and in what areas. Thanks to the design of the Crazy Egg landing page, it is also near impossible for Crazy Egg not to acquire new leads on a minute by minute basis.

Why Crazy Egg Works

First time Crazy Egg visitors are invited to enter their website URL into a search bar to see a free heatmap detailing how their site can be improved. However, after clicking enter, users are prompted to sign up for a free Crazy Egg account first.

Prompting new user signups in this way allows Crazy Egg to add users to email subscription lists. Crazy Egg also uses short snippets of precisely targeted copy to keep on piquing user interest. Snippets themselves are further complemented by catchy CTAs and paid subscription incentives like money back guarantees.

3. SnapChat Snap Kit

SnapChat is one of the Internet’s best-loved mobile messaging apps. However, SnapChat also offers a range of business services. Among these is Snap Kit, a platform upon which businesses can promote themselves and their apps via SnapChat itself.

What Makes Snap Kit Standout?

The Snap Kit landing page standouts for several reasons. First and foremost, it is highly visual. Colourful banners, animations, and infographics grab visitors’ attention from the outset. Throughout each step of a new customer journey, Snap Kit also uses video and existing supported brand logos to build trust and retain consumer attention.

4. MasterClass.com

MasterClass is a premium online learning platform. At present, MasterClass features 55 courses, each of which is presented and curated by celebrity professionals like Gordon Ramsay and Jodie Foster.

What Makes the MasterClass Landing Page Special?

As a sales funnel, the MasterClass landing page is noteworthy for several reasons. First and foremost, every MasterClass course benefits from a separate landing page. The MasterClass brand has risen to prominence, by funnelling web and social media ad traffic to specific course pages.

If an aspiring author using Facebook clicks on a MasterClass ad, they will land on the MasterClass page of an author like Neil Gaiman. More importantly, each MasterClass landing page uses cinematic quality video and several smart CTAs to pitch conversions. Visitors, for example, are prompted to either sign up for a single course, gain full access to all MasterClass courses, or give a course as a gift.

5. Contently.net

A sign up landing page by Contently

Contently connects online marketers and publishers with high-quality freelance content creators. First and foremost, though, Contently needs to source those creators. To do this, Contently dispenses with crowded and confusing freelance platform landing pages offered by the likes of Fiverr. Instead, the Contently.net landing page takes the form of an informative freelance blog.

Why Contently Works

The clean, uncluttered presentation of the Contently.net landing page flawlessly complements the Contently brand itself. Visitors are presented with a minimalist blog, and are only prompted with short, clear sales copy when clicking links inviting them to “Get Started.” On signup pages themselves, visitors are also given an added incentive, in the form of an offer to build a free online portfolio.

6. Groupon.com

Groupon is one of the Internet’s favourite discount code websites. In large part, this is thanks to the cleanliness of the Groupon landing page.

Attention-grabbing images and taglines are used to promote the best Groupon deals currently on offer. More importantly, users who arrive at Groupon after following links from targeted ads, are served discount information specific to their physical location.

What Groupon Gets Right

Typically, the only sales copy a person sees when visiting Groupon is presented in the form of a pop-up window. However, even when users close pop-up windows, they are still presented with value-promising calls to action, in the form of invites to take advantage of specific discounts.

7. Trulia.com

Trulia is one of the Internet’s leading real estate listing platforms. However, as well as being an immediately recognisable brand, Trulia also boasts one of the real estate world’s most intuitive landing pages.

Like with Crazy Egg, Trulia pitches itself to new users by inviting prospective home buyers and renters to search for a property via a simple search console. Alternatively, people considering listing a property can use the Trulia search bar to discover median house prices in their area.

What Trulia Gets Right

At face value, Trulia is entirely free to use. However, to save property searches, users are asked to create new Trulia accounts to gain access to extra platform features. At no point though, does Trulia present itself as directly pitching for new user details.

8. LastPass.com

save passwords securely with an online password management system

LastPass promises to simplify personal online password management by storing passwords for different platforms securely in one location. This might raise eyebrows among security-conscious consumers. However, the LastPass landing page and sales funnel make it easy for anyone to understand the merits of LastPass.

LastPass infographics and imagery explain how LastPass works and what the benefits are for businesses and individuals. Call to actions appear as buttons and anchor text but are not presented aggressively. More importantly, LastPass invites new users to try LastPass entirely free of charge.

9. HubSpot.com

HubSpot is a leading customer relationship management service. Like MasterClass and other top landing pages, Hubspot also uses several sales funnel strategies targeted at different target audiences.

In one example of a successful HubSpot sales funnel in action, HubSpot dedicates a landing page to the free giveaway of several easy to modify infographics. All that users need to do to qualify for a free download is register with HubSpot with their name and business details. HubSpot can then use these details to direct future email respondents to the main HubSpot landing page.

10. Wayfair.com

Wayfair is a wedding gift registry targeted at couples planning a wedding, and people shopping for unique wedding gifts.

Concise and straight to the point, the Wayfair landing page invites users to register and start creating their own free wedding gift list. This is followed by a series of infographics which pitch the benefits of using Wayfair. CTAs are also discrete but effective, as site visitors are asked to either subscribe to see existing registries, talk to registry specialists, or create their very own wedding registry.


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